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live poker
  wolfheart, Oct 31 2011

Promised myself not to play cash online, because i cant play focused anymore. Make spewy plays and take highlimit shots etc. Promised myself only to play online tournaments then i play.

So i played 22euro supersat to 110euro event in our country biggest casino and poker room. Was weird structure. 2500 stack 30/60 blinds i think in first level.
First hand what i see in small blind is KK. 3-4 limpers obvilosly donkish finland players and I make bet 666 (11bb).
Big blind calls. Flop T52 one flushdraw. I bet 888. Big blind calls. Obviously i am commited and put rest my 946 chips in. And big blind calls and boom shows AA.

Overall i calculated my live tournament roi in local casino. Seems really good 28% over 80 tournaments.
Hoping to hit some bigger score soon online. I play online touraments on sunday and so far many deep finishes in pokerstars but no final tables. On other site won 5$ tournament for 360$ so not so bad.

Gl to everyone

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small live tournament streak.
  wolfheart, Apr 17 2011

Havent played live tournament for while, since our currency changed form eek to euro. So i gave last friday first try in 22eur and mincashed. This week i played most poular 10 eur tournament and friday 22eur tournament and got both first places. Wendstay had 39 players so i got 126euro for 10euro buyin. Friday had 19 player so i got 144 euro for 22eur.

One intresting hand happened on friday when blinds were already real high. I was chipleader and other guy who was like 2 or 3rd chips completed small blind vs my big blind. I looked down k9 and first i wanted to raise but then settled down check to play friendly. Flop was AJ3. He checks I bet blind. He knows i woulda raises a high preflop. So he talks like i better make likke control raise that u have hand and raises 1 blind more. Since i was playing real tight and showing only goods on showdown, snap called showing that i have j and wont fold, with intention to take down pot on river. Turn was Q and we check check. River T i have broadway and he shoves. What was worst play he could make with that stack. Ofcouse i snap call and he gets real pissed, calling me fish and why i call flop. I explain but he doesnt listen calls me fish and walks away angry.

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I need to prove myself.
  wolfheart, Mar 29 2011

I havent played poker online for long time. But since i won that donkament for 1200. I am playing 10nl after work then i can. I just wanna prove myself that i am still winning player. But atm down -23bi. I know my leaks and have tried to avoid to get into those spots in most recent sessions.Atm -23bi down, since i lost few buyins on 25nl also. But mainly i am loosing 3bet pots vs huge station loosers who just hit every river mosly. They call 10$ to win 8$ pot with gutshot on turn and hit every fucking time or lower pair and get set on river. Lost 5 aa-s in row. Everyone aa was in 3bet preflop.

What i noticed ppl fold very easy to cont bet on 25nl. While noone gives repsect on 10nl and call any flop almost every time. I mostly 12 tabled sh. But now cut tables to 9 more easier to play. I still got 1k left i really hope i catch some break. Sound silly 100 Bis but i like it. Wanted to move 25nl then hit 1500$ but need alot of work.

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